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Entry Numbers 501-600
This page links the entries in Records of the Salem Witch-Hunt, Bernard Rosenthal, General Editor (Cambridge University Press, 2009), with the publicly available facsimiles online of the manuscripts and published sources from which they were transcribed. An asterisk (*) after the item number means that there are not publicly available images available for that item at this time.
There are 71 "new" items in Records that were not included in SWP. They are indicated in the list below with this yellow background. To see where they were located, consult this list. If you need to find an item in Records based on a citation from SWP, consult this list.

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No. Document Title
No. 501Statement of Samuel Sibley v. John Procter, as Recorded by Samuel Parris
No. 502Deposition of Mary Walcott & Elizabeth Hubbard v. John Procter, Elizabeth Procter, Benjamin Procter, & Sarah Procter and Testimony of James Holton v. John Procter & Elizabeth Procter
No. 503Examination of Sarah Carrier, Copy
No. 504Examination of Thomas Carrier Jr., Copy
No. 505Examination of Elizabeth Johnson Jr., Copy
No. 506 *Examination of Sarah Carrier
No. 507Examinations of Abigail Faulkner Sr.
No. 508Examination of Elizabeth Johnson Jr.
No. 509Examination of Daniel Eames
No. 510Warrant for the Apprehension of Frances Hutchins & Ruth Wilford, and Officer's Return
No. 511Examination of Rebecca Eames
No. 512 *Letter of Margaret Jacobs to George Jacobs Jr., from Prison
No. 513Warrant for the Apprehension of William Barker Sr., Mary Marston, & Mary Barker, and Officer's Return
No. 514Complaint of Ephraim Foster & Joseph Tyler v. John Jackson Jr., John Jackson Sr., & John Howard
No. 515Warrant for the Apprehension of John Jackson Sr., John Jackson Jr., & John Howard, and Officer's Return
No. 516 *Examination of Mary Bridges Jr.
No. 517Examination of Sarah Bridges, Copy
No. 518Examination of Hannah Post, Copy
No. 519Examination of Susannah Post
No. 520Examination of John Jackson Jr.
No. 521Examination of John Jackson Sr.
No. 522Warrant for the Apprehension of Elizabeth Johnson Sr. & Abigail Johnson, and Officer's Return
No. 523Examination of Mary Barker
No. 524Examination of Mary Barker, Copy
No. 525Examination of William Barker Sr.
No. 526Examination of William Barker Sr., Copy
No. 527 *Examination of William Barker Sr. in Prison
No. 528Examination of Mary Marston
No. 529Examination of Mary Marston, Copy
No. 530Examination of Elizabeth Johnson Sr., Copy
No. 531Second Examination of Rebecca Eames
No. 532Warrant for Jurors for the Court of Oyer and Terminer
No. 533 *Examination of William Barker Jr.
No. 534Examination of William Barker Jr., Copy
No. 535Examination of Sarah Hawkes, Copy
No. 536Examination of Stephen Johnson, Copy
No. 537Examination of Mercy Wardwell, Copy
No. 538Examination of Samuel Wardwell
No. 539Examination of Sarah Wardwell, Copy
No. 540Examination of Mary Parker
No. 541Warrant for the Apprehension of Elizabeth Dicer & Margaret Prince, and Officer's Return
No. 542Complaint of Thomas Dodd v. Nicholas Frost and Complaint of Simon Willard & Elizer Keyser v. Joseph Emmons
No. 543Testimony of John DeRich v. Margaret Jacobs
No. 544 *Examination of Jane Lilly & Mary Colson
No. 545 *Examination of Margaret Prince
No. 546Examination of Mary Taylor
No. 547Statement of John Parker & Joshua Eaton v. Mary Taylor
No. 548Summons for Witnesses v. Mary Bradbury
No. 549Summons for Witnesses v. Mary Esty, Sarah Cloyce, Giles Cory, & Martha Cory, and Officer's Return
No. 550Summons for Witnesses v. Alice Parker & Ann Pudeator, and Officer's Return
No. 551Testimony of John DeRich v. Giles Cory and Statement of Hannah Small & Martha Adams v. Giles Cory
No. 552Statement of Thomas Fosse & Elizabeth Fosse for Mary Esty
No. 553Deposition of Thomas Putnam & William Murray v. Alice Parker
No. 554Summons for Witnesses v. Mary Esty, and Officer's Return
No. 555Testimony of Sarah Churchill, Mary Warren, Elizabeth Hubbard, Ann Putnam Jr., Sarah Bibber, & Mary Walcott v. Ann Pudeator
No. 556Deposition of Mary Gage v. Dorcas Hoar, Sarah Wilds, & Sarah Bishop
No. 557Testimony of John Hale v. Dorcas Hoar
No. 558Deposition of Edward Hooper v. Dorcas Hoar
No. 559Deposition of John Lovett v. Dorcas Hoar
No. 560Depositions of Joseph Morgan & Deborah Morgan v. Dorcas Hoar
No. 561Deposition of John Tuck v. Dorcas Hoar and Statement of Joseph Tuck v. Dorcas Hoar
No. 562Examination of Rebecca Johnson Sr.
No. 563Examination of Henry Salter
No. 564Summons for Witnesses v. Giles Cory, and Officer's Return
No. 565Indictment of Alice Parker, for Afflicting Mary Walcott
No. 566Indictment of Alice Parker, for Afflicting Mary Warren
No. 567Depositions of Sarah Bibber, Mary Walcott, Elizabeth Hubbard, Ann Putnam Jr., & Mary Warren v. Alice Parker, and Statement of Abigail Hobbs v. Alice Parker
No. 568Indictment of Ann Pudeator, for Afflicting Mary Warren
No. 569Testimony of John Best Sr. v. Ann Pudeator
No. 570Testimony of Samuel Pickworth and Statement of Ann Putnam Jr. v. Ann Pudeator
No. 571Testimony of James Allen, Robert Pike, & John Pike for Mary Bradbury
No. 572Deposition of William Carr for Mary Bradbury
No. 573Testimony of John Bullock & Martha Dutch v. Alice Parker
No. 574Testimony of Martha Dutch v. Alice Parker
No. 575Testimony of Samuel Shattuck v. Alice Parker
No. 576Excuse of Mary Towne
No. 577 *Fragment of the Examination of Deliverance Dane
No. 578 *Examination of Mary Osgood
No. 579Summons of Mary Towne & Rebecca Towne, and Officer's Return
No. 580Deposition of Ann Putnam Jr., v. Mary Bradbury
No. 581Indictment of William Procter, for Afflicting Elizabeth Hubbard (Returned Ignoramus)
No. 582Indictment of William Procter, for Afflicting Mary Warren (Returned Ignoramus)
No. 583Deposition of Elizabeth Hubbard v. William Procter
No. 584Indictment of Mary Bradbury, for Afflicting Sarah Bibber
No. 585Indictment of Mary Bradbury, for Afflicting Timothy Swan
No. 586Deposition of Sarah Bibber v. Mary Bradbury
No. 587Deposition of Elizabeth Hubbard v. Mary Bradbury
No. 588Deposition of Ann Putnam Jr. v. Mary Bradbury
No. 589Deposition of Mary Walcott v. Mary Bradbury
No. 590Deposition of Mary Walcott v. Mary Bradbury
No. 591Deposition of Mary Warren v. Mary Bradbury
No. 592Deposition of Sarah Bibber v. Giles Cory
No. 593Deposition of Mercy Lewis v. Giles Cory
No. 594Deposition of Ann Putnam Jr. v. Giles Cory
No. 595Statements of Mary Warren, Elizabeth Woodwell, Mary Walcott, & Elizabeth Hubbard v. Giles Cory
No. 596Petition of Sarah Cloyce & Mary Esty
No. 597Plea of Mary Bradbury
No. 598Deposition of James Carr v. Mary Bradbury
No. 599Deposition of Richard Carr & Zerubable Endicott v. Mary Bradbury
No. 600Deposition of Samuel Endicott v. Mary Bradbury
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