A Guide to the Primary Sources of the Salem Witch Trials
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No. 16: Examination of Martha Cory
No. 30: Deposition of Ann Putnam Sr. v. Martha Cory & Rebecca Nurse, and Testimony of Ann Putnam Jr. v. Rebecca Nurse, Martha Cory & Sarah Cloyce
No. 31: Statement of Daniel Andrew, Peter Cloyce, Israel & Elizabeth Porter for Rebecca Nurse
No. 52: Deposition of Samuel Parris, Nathaniel Ingersoll, & Thomas Putnam v. Elizabeth Procter
No. 58: Testimony of Joseph Pope v. John Procter
No. 91: Deposition of Nathaniel Ingersoll & Thomas Putnam v. Sarah Wilds
No. 92: Deposition of Ann Putnam Jr. v. Sarah Wilds
No. 93: Deposition of Mary Walcott v. Sarah Wilds
No. 96: Complaint of Jonathan Walcott & Thomas Putnam v. George Burroughs, Lydia Dustin, Susannah Martin, Dorcas Hoar, Sarah Morey, and Philip English
No. 126: Deposition of John Putnam Sr. & Rebecca Putnam v. George Burroughs
No. 348: Indictment No. 2 of Elizabeth How, for Afflicting Mercy Lewis
No. 354: Testimony of Samuel Sibley v. Sarah Good
No. 376: Testimony of Nehemiah Abbot Sr. v. Elizabeth How
No. 392: Indictment No. 1 of Sarah Wilds, for Afflicting Mercy Lewis
No. 393: Deposition of John Andrews & Joseph Andrews v. Sarah Wilds
No. 407: Deposition of Humphrey Clark v. Sarah Wilds
No. 408: Deposition of Thomas Dorman v. Sarah Wilds
No. 409: Deposition of John Gould & Zacheus Perkins v. Sarah Wilds
No. 410: Testimony of John Hale v. Sarah Wilds
No. 411: Deposition of Elizabeth Symonds v. Sarah Wilds
No. 425: Examinations of Mary Lacey Jr., Mary Lacey Sr., & Ann Foster, Copy
No. 428: Examinations of Richard Carrier, Mary Lacey Sr., Mary Lacey Jr. & Andrew Carrier, Andover Examinations Copy
No. 442: Examination of Mary Toothaker, Copy
No. 455: Indictment No. 4 of George Burroughs, for Afflicting Ann Putnam Jr.
No. 497: Testimony of William Rayment Jr. for Elizabeth Procter
No. 503: Examination of Sarah Carrier, Copy
No. 504: Examination of Thomas Carrier Jr., Copy
No. 505: Examination of Elizabeth Johnson Jr., Copy
No. 517: Examination of Sarah Bridges, Copy
No. 518: Examination of Hannah Post, Copy
No. 524: Examination of Mary Barker, Copy
No. 526: Examination of William Barker Sr., Copy
No. 529: Examination of Mary Marston, Copy
No. 530: Examination of Elizabeth Johnson Sr., Copy
No. 531: Second Examination of Rebecca Eames
No. 534: Examination of William Barker Jr., Copy
No. 535: Examination of Sarah Hawkes, Copy
No. 536: Examination of Stephen Johnson, Copy
No. 537: Examination of Mercy Wardwell, Copy
No. 539: Examination of Sarah Wardwell, Copy
No. 606: Indictment of Abigail Hobbs, for Covenanting
No. 607: Indictment of Abigail Hobbs, for Afflicting Mercy Lewis
No. 621: Indictment of Mary Lacey Sr., for Afflicting Mercy Lewis
No. 658: Examination of Johannah Tyler, Copy
No. 659: Indictment of Mary Parker, for Afflicting Hannah Bixby
No. 858: Account for Payment Submitted by William Dounton, Jailkeeper, Copy
No. 978: Deposition of Elizabeth Fuller v. John Lee

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