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These sites contain materials which look especially useful to me for K-8 students who are just starting out learning about history -- basic reference materials and images for reports.

Best! Mayflower and Early Families [Link #6]
This is a very cool site -- full of texts of wills and deeds, image scans of actual documents, a bulletin board for discussions, some vital records (Saybrook, CT, and Plymouth County, MA) -- even a couple of "slide shows" about the Plymouth colony and the events in Salem. The site was orginally called "The Massachusetts Enquirer: Mayflower, MA & New England Events, People, Life" -- an interesting attempt to portray colonial New England events as if being reported today -- but the site has been deepened and that has become only part of the site, renamed "The Colonial Gazette" when the site was given a major overhaul in March-May 1999. Thumbs up to the folks at Maddox Interactive for this contribution to the Internet!

Best! Wreck of a Vessel from Phip's Fleet [Link #12]
This site from Quebec details the 1994 underwater discovery, and subsequent exploration and archeological research, of the wreck of one of Sir William Phips' ships, which sank in Bouleaux Cove in 1690 during King William's War, probably in a storm after Phip's defeat at Quebec City by Frontenac. Lots of interesting historical information, maps, underwater photography of the wreck and objects, and explanations about the process of identifying and preserving the artifacts. The entire site is also available in French -- and some of the pages are only available in French. Definitely a cool site! [NOTE: This is the same Phips who would go on two years later to become the royal governor of Massachusetts and who set up and then disbanded the Court of Oyer and Terminer which was responsible for the witch trials and executions in Salem...]

Best! Coins from 17th and 18th century Massachusetts [Link #38]
Lots of images and information of coins p roduced in the colonies up to 1750 from the Rare Books and Special Collections at the University of Notre Dame, including the Pine Tree Shilling.

Best! Plimoth Plantation [Link #59]
This is a terrific site with lots of good information, primary source materials, and images about the first settlement in Plimoth, MA.

Best! National Geographic's Salem Witchcraft Hysteria [Link #120]
This site is unlike any of the other materials I've found on-line: it's a hypertext, multimedia account, casting you, the reader, as one of the accused, and links to a discussion 'forum' and a chance to ask their expert questions!

Salem Witch Trials 1692: A Chronology of Events [Link #296]
A brief timeline of the events of the witch trials.

The History of Hannah Dustin/Duston and the Genealogy of the Cheney Family [Link #3]
This site contains information regarding the Dustin/Duston, Cheney and select kindred families of early New England. These two well documented families connect through the marriage of Hannah Dustin and Daniel Cheney II. Hannah Dustin Cheney was the daughter of the famous Hannah Dustin of which this site is named. There are thousands of descendants found throughout the United States today.

FAQs About the Salem Witch Trials [Link #30]
Ten commonly-asked questions about the witch trials and short answers.

Salem Witch Trials Memorial [Link #41]
Several pages with pictures of the memorial to the people executed, created for the 300th anniversary of the event.

Magistrate Jonathan Corwin's House [Link #43]
JPEG photograph of the house, which is still standing in Salem, MA. (290 x 188 pixels)

Books about the Salem Witchcraft Trials, specifically for young readers [Link #80]
My bibliography does not include materials for young readers. This is a list from the Salem Witch Museum's bookstore, although I think it has gotten shorter since I first included it at this site.

The Pocahontas Myth - Powhatan Renape Nation - the real story, not Disney's Distortion by Chief Roy Crazy Horse [Link #113]
from the site: "In 1995, Roy Disney decided to release an animated movie about a Powhatan woman known as 'Pocahontas'. In answer to a complaint by the Powhatan Nation, he claims the film is 'responsible, accurate, and respectful.' We of the Powhatan Nation disagree. The film distorts history beyond recognition. Our offers to assist Disney with cultural and historical accuracy were rejected. Our efforts urging him to reconsider his misguided mission were spurred. "

Cooking in New England [Link #141]
From the Diner's Digest, a brief essay about what early colonists in New England cooked and ate.

CyberHunt for Colonial America: An Internet Treasure Hunt on Colonial America by Kimberly Hamilton [Link #154]
An excellent treasure hunt page about colonial America with questions and links to explore. From the site: "This CyberHunt is your time machine to the past! Explore life in Jamestown, aboard the Mayflower, and in Plimoth Plantation. Go back to 1692 and sit in on the Salem Witch Trials. Find out about the Boston Massacre and Tea Party. Discover how kids back then learned, played, and what happened when they did something wrong."

Kids' Page for Plimoth Plantation [Link #210]
from the site: "Think history is boring? Not at Plimoth Plantation! Whether you visit the Museum in person, or stop by online, Plimoth Plantation makes history fun! This section of the website is made for kids, with activities like coloring pages, a cool Thanksgiving online activity, and a place where you can learn to talk like a Pilgrim!"

Colonial Games & Toys [Link #330]
Ever wonder what kids did to amuse themselves before Nintendo? You might be surprised by colonial ingenuity -- and how much fun they actually had!

Salem Witchcraft Trials Jeopardy [Link #355]
Test your knowledge about the trials!

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