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Information on how people lived their daily lives during that time period in New England

Best! Colonial House: Interactive History, 375 Years Ago at 360 Degrees [Link #342]
QuickTimeVERY cool! This is part of PBS' "Colonial House" website, which has 360-degree QuickTime VR panoramic views of a 1628 "colony" in Maine, both interior and exterior. Zoom in and out, turn entirely around! The show is scheduled to air in May 2004. A different take on "reality tv" in that the aim was to make a successful colony, not to pit participants against one another in a competition. I recommend exploring the rest of the site, but this part is definitely the main attraction.
  • A Historian Awakens 1628 by Emerson "Tad" Baker. An essay by this eminent Maine historian and archeologist about how he helped design this "colony" for the show.

The Book of the General Lawes and Libertyes Concerning the Inhabitants of the Massachusets (1648) [Link #363]
The laws on the books in 17th century Massachsuetts

The Massachusetts Body of LIberties (1641) by Introduced and redacted by John Beardsley [Link #364]
Adopted as law by the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bay December, 1641, this document was the foundation of Massachusetts liberties. From the site: "It is remarkable as a code of law, in that it lays out a structure of jurisprudence in terms of liberties rather than restrictions."

Dictionary of Ancient Occupations and Trades, Ranks, Offices, and Titles, with emphasis on England and its 16th and 17th century colonies by Roderic A. Davis, 2nd [Link #329]
Very cool list of what people did several centuries ago.

Cooking in New England [Link #141]
From the Diner's Digest, a brief essay about what early colonists in New England cooked and ate.

17th Century Fashion Links Page by Tara Maginnis [Link #161]
All the links you could ever want regarding clothing and costume for the 17th century! Internal links have excellent pages with lots of period images of people. Part of the Costumer's Manifesto website.

17th Century Men's Fashions by Tara Maginnis [Link #162]
A small but elegant collection of images of the men's clothing of the period, mostly French and English, from contemprary drawings and etchings. Part of the Costumer's Manifesto website.

Colonial Games & Toys [Link #330]
Ever wonder what kids did to amuse themselves before Nintendo? You might be surprised by colonial ingenuity -- and how much fun they actually had!

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