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These links are generally lists of dates, which might be helpful in placing various events relatively in time.

Best! Mayflower and Early Families [Link #6]
This is a very cool site -- full of texts of wills and deeds, image scans of actual documents, a bulletin board for discussions, some vital records (Saybrook, CT, and Plymouth County, MA) -- even a couple of "slide shows" about the Plymouth colony and the events in Salem. The site was orginally called "The Massachusetts Enquirer: Mayflower, MA & New England Events, People, Life" -- an interesting attempt to portray colonial New England events as if being reported today -- but the site has been deepened and that has become only part of the site, renamed "The Colonial Gazette" when the site was given a major overhaul in March-May 1999. Thumbs up to the folks at Maddox Interactive for this contribution to the Internet!

Best! The Salem Witchcraft Trials by Doug Lindner [Link #181]
This site is so chock full of transcripts of the primary sources -- depositions, warrants, letters, petitions -- you really have to go and explore it for yourself! There are images, including portraits of Samuel Sewall, William Stoughton, William Phips, and Cotton Mather. The brief biographies of various participants are excellent, and the timeline of events very helpful!

Best! Witchcraft Accusations Feb. 29-Mar.31, 1692 by Ben Ray [Link #213]
This is one of the most amazing multimedia goodies on the trials I've seen so far. It is an animated timeline, highlighting the accusers and accused on a map of Salem Village on each of the earliest days of the accusations -- with links to lots of other primary information. Requires Shockwave, which you can download at http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/

Salem Witch Trials 1692: A Chronology of Events [Link #296]
A brief timeline of the events of the witch trials.

Witchcraft cases in 17th century New England (other than Salem 1692 executions) [Link #338]
A terrific chronological list of all the non-Salem witchcraft cases cited in John Putnam Demos' book Entertaining Satan: Witchcraft and the Culture of Early New England, 1983, Oxford Univ. Press, (Appendix A, pp. 402-9).

Early Colonial Era: Beginnings to 1700 by The History Place [Link #135]
Timeline from 1000 to 1700 of European exploration and conquest of the New World

The Crucible: Activity 2: Letter of Persuasion/Tribute to the Accused by Don Mayfield [Link #152]
From the site: "You are going to take a virtual tour of 17th century Salem and learn about the events leading up to the witch trials of 1692. You will begin by touring Salem Village, where you will visit the homes of the accused witches and the graves in which they were eventually buried. Toward the end of your tour you will read about the events leading up to the trials. "

Eurocentric Timeline: Some historical events, chosen at random by Gerald Murphy [Link #170]
Long, simple timeline covering two thousand years.

The Salem Witch Trials Page by Tim Sutter [Link #232]
A nice site dedicated to the Salem witch trials. Includes a FAQ, timeline, biographies, trial documents for 20 of the accused, and a chat board for discussion.

A Fells Acres Chronology: Massachusetts Injustice From Hathorne to Harshbarger by Bob Chatelle [Link #233]
I've included this only because it draws a parallel between the Salem witch trials and the case against the Amilrault family and Fells Acre Daycare.

Chronology of Events Relating to the Salem Witchcraft Trials [Link #234]
A detailed timeline, down to the actual date, of what occurred when during the hysteria.

Salem Witch Trials [Link #253]
Nice timeline of the 1692 trials. Check the left sidebar for a few other links to trials of specific people. Not a whole lot of unique information here -- a good map of what they think was the hanging site -- but a nice website nonetheless.

Atrocities Timeline: 1651 AD - Today [Link #332]
from the site: "a condensed and nowhere near complete timeline of the atrocities wrought upon suspected witches." This site is primarily interested in Wicca.

Inquisitions of England [Link #340]
Timeline of witchcraft legislation and cases in England, from 668-1903

Colonial Graduates of Harvard University [Link #356]
List of the graduates of Harvard from its beginning in 1642 to 1773.

Chronology of the Salem Witch Panic and Trials [Link #367]
This timeline is more detailed and more accurate than most, although after being so specific about the names of the accused early on, it's strange that by the entry for the eight people who were executed on September 22, no names are mentioned.

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